Mobile Wood Fired Oven Pizza Trailers



Learn to make wood fired pizza the Tuscany Fire Way!

mobile pizza trailer mobile wood fired oven

mobile pizza trailers

Let us take you through the steps of making the

perfect wood fired pizza. From making the dough

to the adding the ingredients, and last but not

least cooking in our authentic Wood Fired Brick Oven.

Experience is where we are best!

With our business located in the heart of New Haven, CT, we have the best access to the pizza lovers and their opinions of how to make the perfect pizza! We welcome your comments, please contact us with any ideas.

Pizza Chef Training

Come to us and we will show you the ropes of the pizza restaurant and catering business. Our experience is what makes the difference with our pizza chef classes.

Coming Soon! Very Soon!

Social Cooking Courses!

Wood fired oven cooking is the fastest growing favorite around the world. We can get you in the game of perfecting the perfect pizza for you or your customers.

"PIZZA CHEF" training

$120 per 3-4 hour class per person

(4 persons minimum - 12 persons max)

Includes a wine tasting session with your pizza creations. You will create neapolitan (New Haven) style pizzas in a fun and laid back atmosphere. Bring your friends and family and experience the art of pizza making!

Mobile Pizza Trailers

Impress your guests or your boss at the restaurant. Mastering the art of making neapolitan pizza Itailian Style is like knowing how to play the piano, it will always come in handy for future engagements. We offer the best classes for making the dough, creating the pizza pie, adding the fresh ingredients, and cooking it in the wood fired pizza oven. Let us know if you have a large group, we offer special discounts for 14 persons or more.

Mobile Pizza Trailers