Mobile Wood Fired Oven Pizza Trailers



7 X 16 FOOT


Mobile Pizza Trailer with Wood Fired Oven

Learn about making Neapolitan Pizza!

People crave the taste of fresh Itailian Brick Oven Pizza. The burnt edges, the fresh garlic and basil, it is a pizza makers dream to cater to the masses with such a lovely pizza. Our brick ovens make it possible to create the perfect wood fired pizza, which is so important in the world of pizza patriots! Tuscany Fire is the industry leader in constructing pizza trailers, either custom design or our standard design models. You will be amazed at how your catering needs can be answered in our pizza trailers, our trailers are there to do the work of a authentic neapolitan pizza kitchen.

A mobile wood fired oven is the way to go. I personally have been getting into this business after a long corporate affair that left me flat. I'm helping a friend out at his mobile catering business, and in the summertime it is sssooo busy, and the money is good! I'm learning so much and although if I started a mobile business myself, I would probably buy the dough from an established pizza restaurant and hit the farmers markets using what they have available there. It is the total hippy adventure and I'm loving every minute of it. At the end of the day I feel like I worked hard and made a product people want. I'm converting my old 86 Chevy to a mobile catering unit. A guy in New Haven puts the ovens on trailers, so I'm using him. I plan to start off with my friends with horse farms, and yoga retreat parties. So there is my idea for you to start something small and get your feet wet and then you can build from there. I also know that if you build a custom mobile wood fired oven, you can resell it pretty easy to other pizza making dreamers.(which a friend of mine does already).​


Installed a mobile wood fired pizza oven on this authentic trolley cart. This mobile pizza catering unit will see crowds gather around it to get an authentic artisan pizza made for them right there on the spot.